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Julien Robichaud

3+ Corporation

Strengths Finder and the support provided by Cathy Coleman at Triple L Training truly gave me a greater appreciation for my natural skills and career guidance.  Examining your personal strengths isn't exactly shocking, these are skills you've been naturally drawn to and performed with ease throughout your life. What's astonishing is being aware of all the other strengths that other people would have as their own. What I felt was an easy or fun task was a different story for people of other strengths. It became clear that I needed to spend more time on perfecting what I was naturally good at. I also saw my career path and employment opportunities in a new light. I need to make sure I can see these strengths in anything I will be doing going forward. 

Getting to know these Strengths Finder talents is the easy part, how to implement them in my day to day life is a different story. That's where I benefited greatly with mentorship support from Cathy on building these insights onto my own career objectives. A truly great experience, I recommend it for anyone, I was just sad I didn't get to have this experience at a younger age.



Mélanie Thébeau-LeBlanc

Text In Context


Cathy’s session, “The value of Attitude for Entrepreneurs”, was a real eye-opener for me. You get so used to doing things a certain way, and running your business as you think it should, when the most important aspect of it all is PEOPLE. How you treat people, how you respond to people, how people interpret what you say, and how you make people feel. Cathy is a very down-to-earth and enthusiastic trainer. Thank you for making me think differently and giving advice that will change my managing style for the better!



Feedback From Around The World

"Cathy is amazing. She is great in front of a class... Wouldn't have wanted anyone else!"

"Cathy puts a spark in everything she does. She is a wonderful facilitator." 

" Absolutely amazing - in-depth knowledge of the subject, kept everyone on track, lots of anecdotes, tremendous energy and enthusiasm!"

"... her teaching technique fits all different types of people and ways individuals learn."

"[Cathy] has a special knack for making everyone feel really comfortable, thus providing a pleasant learning environment."



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Getting to know these Strengths Finder talents is the easy part, how to implement them in my day to day life is a different story. That’s where I benefited greatly with mentorship support from Cathy on building these insights onto my own career objectives.
— Julien Robichaud at 3+ Corporation