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Builder Profile 10


Discover Your Talents to be a Successful Builder


What are your talents for building a business?


Gallup has used the science behind StrengthsFinder to develop the Builder Profile 10 (BP10) program to help people understand the demands of the job for building a business. 



are thinkers, creators, problem solvers with a deep passion for improving something


Are Doers, driven to act, to build 

Great Builders

are builders who create a business out of what the   innovator thinks up


What is Builder Profile 10? 

Ever wonder if you would like to be an entrepreneur, or why you are so great in your existing company at building that business and helping to move it forward?

Well, Gallup can help explain some of that. After many years of research, Gallup identified 10 innate talents shared by successful business builders. Gallup defines a builder as “someone who can create economic energy where none previously existed.”



Entrepreneurship in North America is in decline

In Canada, statics show that small business has been in steady decline since 2004. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada tells us that in 2013, the total number of small and medium size business births was 78,430 while the number of deaths in the same type of business was 83,240. This ended with a net decrease of 4,810 businesses.

The United States is also experiencing a decline in new business, and in the first time in 35 years, business deaths outnumber business births (Gallup). The estimate is that 400,000 businesses are being born annually nationwide, while 470,000 per year are dying.

Jobs and GDP growth are directly linked to business building because builders create new customers, and new customers create jobs and economic growth.



The Need To Focus On Business Builders

As a society, we must engage in a renewed, vigorous focus on builders to ensure that the creation of more new businesses once again outpace the death of business

We need innovation, but if we put all our focus on innovation, it's kind of like staking a wood pile higher and higher with no matches to strike the fire. The economy needs innovators, their ideas and innovations. But at the same time, for every innovator's idea, there needs to be a builder asking "Can we sell it?" "Who is the customer? What miracle does it provide for eat customer? or What is the business model?"

Building - The art of creating customer energy where none existed before.

  • Requires a unique set of talents
  • Builds or grows businesses
  • Creates jobs
  • Energizes the economy

The bottom line, there are not enough builders starting new businesses or growing existing business to create the success our towns and cities need. To refuel the economic engine, we must focus on these business builders. We must find builders!

The Gallup organization has created the BP10 to do just that. The BP10 assessment:

  • Helps people discover their innate talent for starting and building a business. Talent is innate and is a true predictor of future performance
  •  Measures 10 scientifically proven talents of successful builders, essentially these are the demands of the job
  • The assessment is validated in the US and internationally
  • Can be described as the demands of the job of successful builders

 Builder Profile 10 Workshops are 4 hours in length and focus on discovering, developing and directing your individual builder talent for greater success and achievement both as an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur. The workshops are interactive and engaging and are followed up by support and development coaching.

The 10 Builder Talents identified by Gallup and measured in the assessment are:

  • Confidence
  • Delegator
  • Determination
  • Disruptor
  • Independence
  • Knowledge
  • Profitability
  • Relationship
  • Risk
  • Selling




Want to learn more? 

Connect with Cathy to lean more about how Gallup Builder Profile 10 can impact you and your business. 


The most successful people start with dominant talent—and then add skills, knowledge, and practice to the mix. When they do this, the raw talent actually serves as a multiplier
— Tom Rath, Strengths Finder 2.0