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Ready to Elevate your Business Offerings?


Ready to elevate your offerings in business? Then you need to know your Super Powers!

This week’s blog is all about the Builder Profile 10 (BP10) and how it can make a difference for you in your business world. Whether you run your own business or are contributing to the business you work for, you have a lot to offer. Many people are unsure of where they are most effective, while others have difficulty understanding why certain things pose a challenge for them.

The BP10 assessment can help on so many levels, creating understanding and awareness in a manner that hasn’t been available before. Years of research have resulted in this beautiful science called the Builder Profile 10.

Discovering your Builder Talents

Business builders use their talents to create customer energy where none existed before. Gallup studied many successful business builders to understand how they start, sustain and grow successful companies. As a result of this research, Gallup identified the 10 talents of highly successful business builders.

Where is it useful?

What’s so great about this program you ask? Well the BP10 assessment has various applications, it’s designed for people who want to discover and develop their builder talents to help with:

  • Launching a new business
  • Accelerating the growth of an existing business
  • Driving initiatives inside an organization

Did you know?

  • Entrepreneurship has been in a slow decline for the past 30 years
  • For the first time, more businesses are dying than are being born
  • 40% of start ups shut down in the first 3 years

We have to ask why this is? Often the identification of talent or understanding the lack of it can provide an answer. For instance, many people who start up a business have an extreme sense of ownership, they started this company and they have an idea that they can do it all… forever. What they fail to identify is when it is necessary to hand off certain areas. If they won’t let their baby go to school, it can’t grow and this can result in the demise of the business, or a challenge in your leadership role. The Delegation theme within the BP10 can identify this early, either as a talent area or a non-talent area. You will see this in your report and then through coaching can have insight and understanding on how to address this and create success where none would have existed before.

So, what’s the key to success?

  • Know what your business Super Powers are
  • Learn how to understand them and
  • Use them to create success wherever we are

Stay tuned next week for an overview of some of the BP10 talents – questions or comments, please leave them below…. 

Cathy Coleman