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Simply, Welcome!

Hey there, thanks for dropping by!

I’m very excited to officially launch my company website and share some great tools and information with you.

I’m all about striving to be better in all areas of my life, and let me tell ya, it has certainly been a journey, with a lot of distance left to go!  Great books have been a huge contributor to creating who I am today .  

You know what it’s like when you read a really great book about self-development, personal growth, leadership, or parenting? you actually act differently because you have just changed the habit of the mind that you work under; that mindless moving through the day without intention (Like when you drive somewhere, get there and can’t remember the drive…. That’s always scary).

There is a certain accountability that goes with the new information you have just uncovered.  Sometimes, it isn’t new, just forgotten; pushed to the back of the mind because we are on the fast track to Stressville.  And then BAM! Out of nowhere, you get a kick in the pants. I love those moments. They make me a better mom, leader, friend, and wife. It’s like someone woke me up… held me accountable to focus on the important things; the things that really matter.

This is what I love about this company I created; challenging people to catapult themselves off the hamster wheel, stop for a moment and really look at their kids, their significant other, their parent, grandparent and best friend, job, and purpose. To be grateful and act accordingly…. If we go too fast, day in and day out, one day we wake up and everything has changed… and we didn’t even see it coming.

So take time, sit back, be an observer, and cherish all the great things you have…  pick up that book, share it, implement it and live better!

Read any great books lately? Ones that gave you a different, better perspective? I’d love to hear about it! Please share it with me below.

If you want to learn about some of my favourite books, check out our resources page

Until next time…. Live, learn and lead better!

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