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At Your Service - Front Line Specialists


Accepting Mediocre Service is No Longer Necessary


Service Description

Businesses today can feel challenged by all of the responsibilities that encompass a successful execution. A lot of time and energy is required to ensure that all aspects are looked after. 

The one thing that is a non-negotiable is the delivery of consistent, dependable service that engages your customers. This ability will keep the loyalty of existing customers and thrill and delight newcomers. This standard we are talking about is a highly valued commodity to shoppers today. For the owner, it can be difficult because they must entrust the ability of the front line Colleague to consistently provide the following without supervision:

  • Engage the guest upon arrival
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of your guest
  • Be knowledgeable and professional at all times
  • Communicate clearly and demonstrate a positive, professional attitude at all times
  • Handle complaints effectively 
  • Create the environment for loyalty and return business

“At Your Service” for Front Line Specialists, will address all of this and more.

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  • A full day of training which will include:
    • The attitude of service; dives into your attitude toward yourself, your customers and the position you hold, and provides tools for maintaining your emotions
    • Meeting basic needs and going the extra mile
    • Communication – methods of communication, and squashing “indifference”
    • Telephone and email etiquette 
    • Questioning techniques and listening to understand
    • Addressing complaints and turning difficult customers around
    • Understanding when it is necessary to escalate
    • Encouraging return business and customer loyalty


Benefits to Having "At Your Service" in your Culture:

  • Recognition through training to reinforce the importance of the role they play in the success of your business
  • Increased accountability – each person will understand their potential impact and the repercussions of good or bad service over time
  • Increased engagement – Providing tools and support for the role they are in provides recognition and a sense of team
  • Team accountability – creating a culture of accountability and the desire to do and be better, can be very rewarding
  • Increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and increased profits for your organization as your guests see the shift in service and attitude


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Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a product or service and do it so well it is profitable.
— James Rose