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At Your Service- For Food & Beverage Professionals


Accepting Mediocre Service is No Longer Necessary


Service Description

For too many companies, consistent, dependable service that engages their customers is hard to provide.  With so many areas to focus time and money on, service training often gets pushed to the side, instead making sure that systems are mastered and menus are memorized. These are all a must if you are going to have a successful business. But for those companies who can rise above and really strive to provide an exceptional, service experience, success will be a given.  In this culture, businesses don’t fail, people do.  We need to make sure we have the right people on the front line of our business and then we need to support them with the proper training and tools to ensure their success and the success of the company.

“At Your Service” for food and beverage professionals, is a program designed to instil a variety of skills and attitudes into your employees.

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  • A full day of training (10:30am-4:30pm) which will include:
    • The attitude of service – dives into your attitude toward yourself, your customers and the position you hold, and seeks to make change around assumptions and behaviours
    • Understanding your customers and their expectations – and being able to effectively manage those expectations in a restaurant setting
    • Communication – methods of communication, and the silent service killer of “indifference” – There is often an assumption that communication has taken place, but misunderstandings are common… we can fix this so all communication is clear and concise
    • Questioning techniques to connect with your guest, then listening to understand; statistics show that we, as human beings, greatly lack the skill of listening
    • Service Standards – The Fundamentals; understanding the requirements and delivering an exceptional dinning experience
    • Up-selling; the forgotten service enhancer
    • This session focuses on providing an experiential learning environment for attendees, where a variety of group work, individual work, and role-plays will be provided. This will be an opportunity to share your skills, knowledge and learning as professionals


Benefits to Having "At Your Service" in your Culture:

  • Increased accountability – each person will understand their impact on your guests and the repercussions of good or bad service over time
  • Increased engagement – Providing tools and support for the role they are in provides recognition and a sense of team
  • Team accountability – creating a culture of accountability and the desire to do and be better together, can be very rewarding
  • Increased loyalty, customer satisfaction and increased profits for your establishment as your guests see the shift in service and attitude


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